3 Questions When Designing Corporate Uniforms

Asking yourself focused questions can help to spur your creativity when you are gathering ideas for a new set of corporate uniforms for your small company. This article discusses some of those questions that will get you thinking in the right direction as you think about those new uniforms. What Worked Previously? Are you planning to change to a different corporate uniform? The chances are high that your previous uniform had some features or attributes that worked well. [Read More]

Your Quick But Essential Guide to Buying a Rugby Jersey for Sport

When taking up the game of rugby or any sport that requires a rugby jersey, you want to understand the difference between a sport jersey and one you might wear for everyday use. Rugby jerseys are something of a fashion staple for many men and women, but the jerseys you wear when out shopping may be very different than the ones you would choose for being on the field. If you need a jersey for sport and not for leisure wear, note a few quick but very essential tips for making the right choice. [Read More]

Ballet 101: 4 Things to Have in Your Dance Bag

When you take a ballet class, whether you are a novice or expert, you need to bring certain items with you. Your dance bag should be large enough to accommodate all the essential items, from extra leotards and shoes to health and beauty supplies. Here are some things to make sure you have in your dance bag at all times. Dancewear and Clothing The first thing you should have in your dance bag is plenty of extra clothing, dance gear, and shoes. [Read More]

Packing for Winter? Here's How to Stay Warm and Not Exceed Luggage Limits

Any traveller who has had to grapple with strict airline luggage weight limits knows that packing for a winter trip can be an absolute nightmare.  Not only are winter clothes heavier, but you need more of them to stay warm, and they are often bulky, and hence take up a disproportionate amount of space in your suitcase.  So to ensure you avoid hefty overweight luggage fees, here are four handy hints for packing smart for this year's winter trip: [Read More]