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Your Quick But Essential Guide to Buying a Rugby Jersey for Sport

When taking up the game of rugby or any sport that requires a rugby jersey, you want to understand the difference between a sport jersey and one you might wear for everyday use. Rugby jerseys are something of a fashion staple for many men and women, but the jerseys you wear when out shopping may be very different than the ones you would choose for being on the field. If you need a jersey for sport and not for leisure wear, note a few quick but very essential tips for making the right choice.

1. Pro fit

You may see rugby jerseys advertised with a pro fit cut, and this is very important for play. A jersey that is loose and billowy may be comfortable for daytime wear, but it can get in the way of your movements when on the field. For sport or for being active, you need to choose a jersey that is cut to be very fit and to sit very close to your frame. If you cannot try on a jersey before buying, choose one advertised with a pro fit cut.

2. Materials

Cotton can be the wrong choice for jerseys chosen for play, because the material is soft against the skin but doesn't do much for moisture management. This means it won't necessarily whisk away sweat when you're playing, and you might start to feel very uncomfortable before long. Synthetic materials such as polyester may be designed specifically for moisture management so that the sweat you produce doesn't just sit on your skin and make you feel sticky. Look for a synthetic material that boasts good moisture management when choosing a jersey specifically for play.

3. Screen printed versus stamping

A jersey that you use for play will usually need to be washed more often than one you wear on occasion, and it may go through a rougher wash cycle; jerseys that have grass stains and dirt on them may need to be washed in very warm water to remove all that dirt, versus everyday jerseys you might wash in cold water. The warm water that gets out dirt, mud, sweat stains and the like will also be more likely to fade the colors and lettering of the jersey. This is why it's good to invest in jerseys that are stamped and not screen printed, as stamping embeds the ink into the fabric more thoroughly than the screen printing process. Your jersey will come out of the wash without fading when you choose lettering that is stamped, whereas a screen printed jersey will be more likely to fade much sooner.