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3 Questions When Designing Corporate Uniforms

Asking yourself focused questions can help to spur your creativity when you are gathering ideas for a new set of corporate uniforms for your small company. This article discusses some of those questions that will get you thinking in the right direction as you think about those new uniforms.

What Worked Previously?

Are you planning to change to a different corporate uniform? The chances are high that your previous uniform had some features or attributes that worked well. Let those elements form the basis upon which you select other features to address the shortcomings of your previous set of uniforms. For example, you may wish to change to a different fabric but retain the unique colour of your previous uniforms. Alternatively, the placement of your company logo on the uniforms may be retained since it shows off your company prominently. Companies designing their first uniforms can consider what makes the uniforms of other companies good if they don't have a previous uniform to improve upon.

What Do You Wish to Achieve?

It is also helpful for you to devote some thought to what you wish those uniforms to achieve or how they should be used. For example, are you planning to have a uniform that can be used throughout the year? Uniforms that are for all-year use may need to be designed to provide comfort in the different weather conditions. For example, you can select cotton since its breathable nature will make it comfortable in the summer heat. That same material will still be warm in winter. Other fabrics, such as wool blends, may only be suitable for the cold weather.

How Will It Stand Out?

Corporate wear should be able to draw the attention of those that look at your employees. Think of the different ways through which the new uniforms will attract the kind of attention that you wish to draw towards your business. For example, avoid designing a skimpy uniform for your female employees because it can reflect negatively upon your business. Instead, pick unique design features, such as embroidering the company logo in a colour that contrasts sharply with the colour of the uniform. Brainstorm several techniques to make the uniform stand out and select the most suitable approach to achieve this objective.

It is necessary to visit a corporate wear designer when you have already gathered ideas about the various aspects of the uniforms that you wish to create for your company. Discuss your ideas with the design professional so that they can make recommendations about the most cost-effective way to attain your business' objectives.