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4 Ways To Make Your Ugg Boots Last Longer

Made from sheepskin, Ugg boots are well-known for their comfort and durability. They are a great footwear choice during winters and are designed to keep you as warm as possible when temperatures plummet. But without proper care, they will wear out faster. Here are some ways to make your Ugg boots last longer.

Avoid Direct And Prolonged Contact With Snow And Water

While designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures, Ugg boots are not waterproof, which means that they are susceptible to damage and wear if they are exposed to excessive levels of water and snow. If you want to wear them outside every once in a while, you can apply a protective layer to repel water and snow and to prevent these elements from soaking into the sheepskin layer. The best thing to do is to use them indoors or in dry environments to elongate their shelf life.

Wear Them Indoors As Often As Possible

Ugg boots don't come cheap, especially if you want to get the original and not a fake version. When you pay good money for them, you'll want to ensure that they last for as long as possible. To protect and get more out of them, try to wear them indoors instead of outdoors. While you may be tempted to wear them outside, wait for drier conditions to prevent them from soaking in water or snow. Outdoor use will reduce their shelf life because the rougher and uneven surfaces will trigger faster wear and tear.

Choose Darker Colours

Ugg boots come in a variety of dark and light colours so you have a range to choose from to suit your taste. While lighter colours deliver high on visual appeal, they can also appear dirtier and worn out faster, which will cause you to look for a new pair before you expect to. But if you choose a darker colour, then imperfections remain hidden for longer. When you don't notice anything wrong with your boots, you're likely to wear them for longer.

Avoid Wearing Boots In Situations Where They Can Easily Get Stained

Ugg boots can get easily stained and discoloured because of the nature of the sheepskin, so it's best to avoid wearing them in certain situations. For example, if you are cooking, then you may want to avoid wearing them because spilling oil and food could cause damage to them. Similarly, stain-causing foods like turmeric and tomato sauce should be kept away from them when you are eating.

Follow this guide to protect and make your Ugg boots last longer.